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Sanitary Bins & Waste Services

Sanitary Bins
Service Information

Did you know that our sanitary hygiene services come highly recommended? CLD Hygiene can help you fulfil your sanitary bin waste collection and disposal requirements… customer satisfaction included! Our dedicated and friendly staff will ensure your washroom provision is serviced to a highly professional standard delivering satisfaction to you, your employees and your customers.

With recent amendments to Health and Safety legislation and increased consumer demand it is more necessary than ever to supply and maintain sanitary waste disposal bins. CLD Hygiene provides a standard and premium range of sanitary bins in a variety of finishes. All our sanitary bins are designed to prevent odour and keep their contents discreetly hidden away.

Any building used by female employees, customers, guests, tenants or visitors (regardless of how many) is considered to be a producer of controlled waste by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and individuals with overall responsibility have an obligation to comply with the legislation. CLD Hygiene Services provides a complete range of sanitary bins and sanitary waste disposal services that will meet your needs and keep you legal.

Our teams regularly and efficiently service washrooms in and around the Midlands, London and South-East of England.

Sanitary Waste Service Schedules

We provide contracts for sanitary bins for 12, 26 or 52 service visits per year.

Get a free no obligation quote from us today and start learning why we come so highly recommended.

Remember, CLD Hygiene customers benefit from:

  • Free duty of care certificate. Pay nothing for your waste transfer documentation. The law requires that you keep evidence that your waste is being handled correctly – we provide this for free.
  • No long service contracts. We don’t tie you in for years on end.
  • Friendly, dedicated and experienced hygiene staff
  • No sales people. We keep costs down.

Environmental Concern

CLD Hygiene Services Product: Sanitary Bin

CLD Hygiene Services have recently gained ISO 14001 status, so as you’d expect, environmental issues are very much our concern.

The problem is that millions of sanitary products are carelessly being flushed into the country's sewer system daily resulting in:

  • Blockages, causing sewer maintenance at a high cost to the government
  • Huge environmental pollution, where rivers and beaches are being contaminated by items such as sanitary towels, tampon applicators and plastic backing strips
  • Injury and death of seabirds, fish and other marine life through becoming entangled with, or swallowing plastic, tampon strings, and other non-biodegradable waste

CLD Hygiene Services is committed to tackling this by going that one step further using first-rate disposal solutions. We strive to educate consumers and waste disposers to BAG & BIN their sanitary waste. CLD Hygiene is fully supporting the current UK 'Bag it & Bin it Campaign'. This highly commendable campaign aims to promote the correct and responsible disposal of personal sanitary products and therefore preventing riverbanks and coastlines becoming littered and polluted.

Sanitary waste disposal reviews

Our customers are the best people to ask about our sanitary waste services. They're the people who recommend us. For instance, just ask Jackie...

"City University, London has been using the feminine hygiene disposal services of CLD [Hygiene] Services for over three and a half years. I have found the customer service and competitive prices to be excellent. The knowledge of our buildings and understanding of our business is greatly appreciated and goes a long way towards the excellent service provided.

"I would not hesitate to recommend them."

Jackie Monte-Colombo
Property and Facilities, City University