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Toilet & Urinal Sanitisers

Toilet & Urinal Sanitisers
Service Information

CLD Hygiene Services install and service a range of automatic water sanitisation systems for toilets and urinals to help maintain your washroom hygiene and eliminate bad odours.

These water sanitisation units provide 24-hour hygiene care wherever and whenever the water flows.

There is an ongoing concern regarding standards of cleanliness and sanitation in washrooms. Customers, visitors and employees expect high standards in their washroom facilities at work and in public places.

CLD Hygiene Services Product: AutoSanitizer

Uric scale and mineral deposits build up wherever the flow of water goes i.e. drains, pipes and septic tanks, which causes odour problems. These germs and bacteria multiply in number causing offensive odours and unhygienic conditions.

Our range of low cost automatic sanitary hygiene systems keep surfaces clean and treat toilet and urinal pipes and drains continuously. This helps to prevent the gradual build-up of scale and deposits whilst simultaneously deodorising by emitting a strong, fresh scent.

Our powerful sanitary hygiene formulas attack & eliminate odours at the source and prevent unsightly stains & scaling.

Our teams regularly and efficiently service water sanitisation systems in and around the Midlands, London and South-East of England.

Toilet & Urinal Sanitisers Service Schedules

We provide contracts for water sanitisation systems for 6 and 12 service visits per year.

Get a free no obligation quote from us today and start learning why we come so highly recommended.

Remember, CLD Hygiene customers benefit from:

  • Free duty of care certificate. Pay nothing for your waste transfer documentation. The law requires that you keep evidence that your waste is being handled correctly Ė we provide this for free.
  • No long service contracts. We donít tie you in for years on end.
  • Friendly, dedicated and experienced hygiene staff
  • No sales people. We keep costs down.